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  • What Are Subluxations?

    When the bones of your spine are twisted and mangled in such ways as to cause discomfort, we refer to it in the industry as a a subluxation. This problem thus leads to problems with nerve transmitters in your body to your brain. Ultimately, you will feel severe back and neck pain plus headaches when you suffer a subluxation of the spine.

  • How do Subluxations Happen?

    Typically these can occur in three distinct ways:

    1. You might suffer a subluxation due to physical trauma such as a fall, unsafe lifting, repetitive motion, or receiving a blow to the back.

    2. You might experience this problem from emotion causes such as fear or stress or even rage.

    3. Chemical causation can bring about a subluxation. Namely, this would include a poor diet, use of drugs or alcohol, and possibly even air or water pollution.

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conditions we treat


Chiropractic has never been better at Health First Wellness Center. We offer the best, most comprehensive care in Camby, Indiana.

Pinched Nerve

Think you have a pinched nerve? Don’t wait. Come see your Camby Chiropractor for help before it gets worse.

Disc Pain

Disc pain can wreak havoc if not treated properly. At Health First Wellness Center, we have years of experience treating disc pain.

Work Injuries

This Camby Chiropractor specializes in treating work injuries!


Sciatica can be treated in a number of ways, from spinal decompression to massage therapy.


If you have headaches on a routine basis, let our Chiropractors in Camby help you.

Auto Accidents

55% of auto accidents result in an injury each year. Pain from car crashes can become worse over time.

Neck Pain

Treat your neck pain with Chiropractic care and feel better.

Back Pain

Suffering from back pain? Let us help get you back in shape.

For a New Patient Special

Free Exam, Consultation

& 20 Minute Massage

$150 Value

Limited Time Special!

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